Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I'm the most popular guy in 2 of my classes.

Not because I'm the hottest guy, although I'm pretty fucking hot.

Not because I'm the smartest guy, although I'm pretty fucking smart.

Not because I'm the nicest guy, although I'm pretty fucking nice.

It's because I speak all the languages everyone speaks.

Yeah, I'm tetralingual.

And I'm now hiding in the computer lab because I'm tetralingual.

See, when you're smart and nice and hot and fluent in 4 languanges, everybody wants a piece of you. I am sooooo good at telling people what was wrong with their solution, it's ridiculous. I'll take a look at their work, and within a minute, I can point out exactly what's wrong with it.

And then just when you thought you can sit down peacefully and work on your next assignment...

"Hey Snakey, what did you get for this problem?"

"Snakey, want to go eat?"

"Snakey, how did you do this part?"

"Eh have you done this homework yet?"

"Have you had lunch?"

"Hey, what's up Snakey. You look good today."

"Dude your presentation yesterday was really good."

So yeah, that's why I'm hiding in here right now.