Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Ah, life.

It has a way of happening not the way you want it to.

"Man plans, God laughs."

Thursday I'm flying to Chicago where I'm going to work as intern for 3 months.

Last week I got into a minor car accident and I now need to shell out $1500.

I might be a United States permanent residence next year.

The cost for immigration attorney to take care of the ridiculous paperwork is $200 per hour.

I read 10 books in the past month (A long way down, I am not myself these days, The Da Vinci Code, A dirty job, The stupidest angel, The confessions of Max Tivoli, The curious incident of the dog in the night-time, The year of ice, 50 reasons to say goodbye, The Martian Child)

I got 2 A, 1 A- and 1 B+ this semester. Thus pushing my overall GPA to 3.4 (which is excellent for my major at my school).

My aunt (whom I love dearly) told me she's not having sex with her husband in an email she sent me, right after she told me that somebody tried to torch her car. I am still nauseous to this day.

My mom and my other aunt came for my graduation ceremony. I still have one more semester to go. While she was here, my mom successfully gave me migraine.

Yosemite is beautiful.

I am currently $1100 in debt.

I'm hate packing.

A conversation with my roommate last night:

"You know, I was really upset when you told me that you're moving."


"Yeah, especially after the day you told me that you're gonna stay."

"Then why didn't you let on?"


"Why didn't you show that you were upset?"

"Because I know you wouldn't change your mind for me. I mean, would you have stayed if I asked you to?"


"There. See? I didn't let on because when I first found out, and I was laying guilt trip on you, remember? I was kinda babbling and all."


"And you said I was making you feel so bad. So then I stopped. I knew that you already felt bad. And I also know that you wouldn't stay even if I asked you to. So there's really no point of showing you how upset I was. I'm ok now though."

"Thank you. Really. That means a lot to me."

Life has a way of happening not the way you want it to. But as long as the Priory of Sion doesn't tell the world that the Holy Grail is actually the sarcophagus of Mary Magdalene buried underneath The Louvre, we should be fine.


We should be fine.