Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some exercise in the afternoon...

Me (1:10:12 PM): hey

Him (1:10:20 PM): hi Snakehead

Me (1:10:28 PM): it's good seeing you yesterday

Me (1:10:32 PM): been a long time

Him (1:10:50 PM): :-) You saw me at my best ...

Me (1:11:32 PM): ha

Me (1:11:37 PM): getting cocky aren't we?

Him (1:11:53 PM): :-Pto you

Me (1:27:25 PM): so what you up to?

Him (1:27:41 PM): Right at the moment, I'm preparing a syllabus

Me (1:28:13 PM): i thougth you're jerking off

Me (1:28:15 PM): hahaha

Me (1:28:17 PM): just kidding

Him (1:28:27 PM): I did that this morning -- twice, actually.

Me (1:28:41 PM): wow

Me (1:28:43 PM): twice

Me (1:28:47 PM): very impressive

Him (1:28:52 PM): yeah, I've been horny.

Me (1:28:57 PM): heh

Me (1:28:58 PM): me too

Him (1:31:20 PM): oooh ... that's hot

Me (1:32:14 PM): so i'm getting you all hot and bothered?

Him (1:33:53 PM): in a good way

Me (1:34:21 PM): i'm sure. coz i'm good at it

Me (1:37:51 PM): are you wacking off now?

Him (1:59:05 PM): tell you in a bit; there are several people here in my office right now!

Him went idle at 2:10:13 PM.

Him returned at 2:12:47 PM.

Him (2:14:00 PM): whew -- everybody is gone now and the door is closed

Me (2:21:46 PM): haha

Me (2:21:55 PM): busy day

Him (2:40:05 PM): My sexual frustration makes it hard to get other things done.

Me (2:40:34 PM): well then you've come to the right place

Me (2:40:44 PM): i'm good at taking care of sexual frustration

Him (2:43:24 PM): yikes!

Me (2:46:01 PM): but i'm not a slut

Him (2:47:00 PM): you drive me wild!

Me (2:47:48 PM): really?

Me (2:47:52 PM): how wild?

Him (2:49:07 PM): Well, I was just thinking about your cute butt and the whole syllabus thing is falling apart.

Me (2:49:55 PM): if you come over now you can see it up close. you can even touch it!

Him (2:51:45 PM): really?

Me (2:52:15 PM): really

Him (2:53:36 PM): where are you?

Me (2:53:48 PM): at home. alone

Him (2:53:59 PM): but where's "home"?

Me (2:54:14 PM): this street and that street

Me (2:55:01 PM): close to that store

Him (2:55:55 PM): I wouldn't mind stopping by for a little visit ...

Him (2:56:01 PM): I'm at school right now -- not that far

Me (2:56:23 PM): i wouldn't mind some company...

Him (2:59:04 PM): what's your exact address?

Me (2:59:23 PM): 1234 this street

Him (2:59:55 PM): I'll be there in a bit.

Me (3:00:10 PM): how long?

Him (3:00:34 PM): not long

Him (3:00:54 PM): I walk fast.

Me (3:01:22 PM): k

Him signed off at 3:05:33 PM.