Friday, April 07, 2006

It's never ending.

I had a presentation yesterday, and it didn't go well. In fact, it's the worst presentation ever in the history of presenting. The professor had something to pick and criticize on every single slide. And it's not what he said, but the way he said it that makes it that much worse. He basically thinks that we are so fucking retarded that we can't even get the easiest thing right without saying it. And because the cheap machine that we used to run the experiment didn't perform really well, which resulted in funky and inaccurate data, he now thinks that we were lying to him in our presentation because "he's never seen any data like ours in 25 years."

At the end, he wouldn't even let me finish the presentation, saying that he needs to discuss our many problems with another professor. I got so mad afterwards that I had tears in my eyes.

Then later, I got another rejection from an employer. She called to tell me that. She said that they were all really impressed with my interview, and so she is forwarding my resume around to other hiring managers. She didn't tell me why I didn't get the job. So I asked, "is there any particular reasons why I'm not the most suitable candidate for this job?" She said "Well we were all very impressed with your interview. So what I'm doing is I'm forwarding your resume to other hiring managers in other departments and tell them that you've already been interviewed, your background check is clear and that you're definitely a desired candidate to work here."

That's the answer she gave me when I asked her why I didn't get the job.

She wouldn't even tell me.

Am I that worthless?

Can anybody please tell me where is the humor in my life lately? I'm desperately needing some right now, before I consider killing myself.