Thursday, April 13, 2006

You live and you learn. Easier said than done.

I interviewed with a biotech company that I really want to work for on 3 different occasions for a summer internship with 3 different hiring managers.

I got nothing.

I politely asked why.

2 of them ignored my email, one of them was nice enough to call, but did not answer my question. You can read about it in my last post.

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that out of the blue, a hiring manager at the same biotech company called and asked if she wanted a summer internship. She said yes, he said you got it.

Just like that.

She got a job just like that.

Life sucks. Life is unfair. I know that. I've said that. But to actually experience how much it sucks.... I can't tell you it doesn't hurt.

People say that on average a person usually go through 3 or 4 interviews before they got an offer. I've been through 8 interview. All of the interviewers said that I was great, that they were really impressed by me etc etc. So technically I should have 2 offers.

I have none.

I'm starting to think that I was lied to.

People say that usually if you're the first one being interviewed, chances are you're not gonna get hired. Something about managers usually don't think they should hire the first person they talk to or something like that.

I have 4 hiring managers told me that I was the first person they interviewed.

Life is unfair. Deal with it.

Easier said than done.

I received an offer letter from a small oil company located right outside of Chicago, IL. The pay is lower than most, and they don't provide housing or transportation. Not even the air fare. After taxes, plane tickets, accomodations, transportation and daily expenses, I will most probably ended up with about $1000 in my pocket.

Originally I was hoping to make enough money this summer to go to the orthodontist. Since my insurance doesn't cover beautification works, I need to pay for it myself. On average it costs about $5000 to $6000.

I can't afford it.

Life sucks. Deal with it.

Easier said than done.

Much easier said than done.

And somehow, along the way, I managed to find an inner peace.

It's strange how when you start seeing things from another perspective.


With a bottle of Corona Light on a beach with no cell phone signal, although I don't drink beer.

Peace is a good thing.

Sometimes, peace is all that's needed.