Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Don't even have time to take a piss.

I've been extremely busy this couple days. Got a buttload of shit to take care of. That sentence just cracked me up. A buttload of shit. Hahahahahahaha....

So, uhh, where was I?

My iPod is on it's way to the iHospital, where he'll be (insert all the kinky stuff you can do with an iPod here), (here) and (here).
Marriedman, don't let me down now, K? Show us your true color. Bring your nastiness to a whole new level!

Besides that, I've been too busy procrastinating. You have no idea how much work it takes to procrastinate studying a class that you're on the brink of failing. Do you know how much stress that is? Lying on my bed watching TV and worrying about failing that mother fucking stupid class at the same time? It takes years and years of practise, my friend.

I got my midterm back today. Thanks to all of your lucks, I got a 42/75. Not too bad, but that means that I need to get a 79/115 on the final next Friday to get a bloody C- in the fucking class, which will inevitably pull my GPA way way down.


That also means that I won't be able to write as often as I'd like for the next week or so, even though I have something I wanted to write about. Stress kills all my inspiration to write.

On the other hand, I'm going on a vacation next Saturday, the day after final, for 2 weeks. Mainly in Philly 'cause that's where my friends live, but I'll make them drive me around the east coast as this is my first visit to the east in my entire life. I'm bossy like that. They should know the whole world evolves around me by now. Plus I give them free blow jobs/hand jobs/rim jobs in return. In my opinion, they are getting the better part of the deal here. But, whatever.

So, what's there to do on the east coast?

I got Jersey shore, South St., Philly Art Museum, NY MoMA, Smithsonian and a bunch of partying and pot-smoking on the list.

Got any suggestions?

Man, I can't wait to be inebriated and high for 2 weeks. That's gonna be a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

Hey! Something just hit me! Do you want to guest blog? Like what Jazz was doing for a little while? If you do, send me something and I'll post it. Preferrably something perverted, but that's totally up to you.*

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