Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I hate school. *updated twice!!*

No, actually I don't hate school.

I hate my classmates.

Fucking pre-meds.

They are single handedly flunking me out of my class.

Mother fuckers.

The school is not that much brighter. Making chemical engineers take a molecular cell biology class is just plain stupid. Not quite as stupid as gay republicans, but very close. Gay republicans are just plain fucking morons.

Doctors and physicians are SO overrated. And stupid. And have no life. Because they NEED an A in the stupidest class in the world. C'mon people, it's freakin' summer for Christ's sake! What are you doing studying day and night?!

And it definitely doesn't help that everyday I come home, my roommate greets me with, "wanna smoke?"

So now I have to go hide in a cave with no internet access and no weed and work my ass off so that I can get a fucking C-.

Please send me some luck if you have extra to spare. Because if I have to take this class over again, I swear I will go postal on all those bitches.


I thought going to school to study would be a good idea.

I was dead wrong.

There's a couch, a computer WITH INTERNET ACCESS, a box of Jenga and a dartboard in this room.

Think I'm gonna start by taking a nap first.


Check this out.

Someone googled OR OR speedo OR speedos locker, and spent 17 minutes here.

Hey, Mr. Googler, if you see this, drop me a line! I'm interested in talking to you.

Are you an alien?