Monday, August 08, 2005

You and me? We are so over.

I'm going to let a war hog chew off my testicles before I buy another Mac product.

Today I went to an Apple store to get my 2nd broken iPod fixed. I got there exactly at noon. Guess how long do I have to wait to talk to those mother fuckering "Mac Geniuses"?

3 bloody fucking hours.

3 mother fucking bloody hours.

And it only took them 10 minutes to give me a replacement. So now I have a 3rd new iPod in 2 weeks.

I have completely lost faith in all their products. They are all expensive piece of shits.

During the 3 hours I was there waiting like a moron, I went around the store and changed every single on-display iPod's backlight settings to 'always on'.

I get a strange satisfaction out of it.

Perhaps I should've changed the language to Korean or Chinese as well.