Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm so delirious I'm random.

My house smells like rice.

My room smells like me.

Last night I saw my neighbor's door wide open at 2 am, but everyone was asleep.

One time I stole 2 cloves of garlic from the grocery store. I didn't hide it in my pocket. It was in a bag with 4 other stalks of Bak Choy. The cashier didn't see it. I came home all excited and told my roommate, and he lectured me.

I've been studying like crazy since Monday.

I've been jerking off like crazy since Monday.

Studying and jerking off always go hand in hand. At least for me.

My 3rd iPod is finally working properly. I'm starting to like it. As a result, I've been walking around a lot instead of riding my bike.

They say walking can lead to the production of a great ass.

I'll keep you guys posted about that.