Saturday, June 04, 2005

Feet and summoned UFO.

Me #1: "What's this thing about feet?"

Me #2: "What thing?"

Me #1: "You know, the feet fetish thing. I just totally absolutely completely utterly don't understand them."

Me #2: "Why? Do you want to understand them?"

Me #1: "No. What? Hell no! I just think it's gross and yet you have people, lots of people into *bleep* and *bleep* the toes and stuff."

Me #2: "Dude, stop. It's bad enough that you have no life, you don't have to make it worse by going around talking about feet."

Me #1: "What you mean I have no life? YOU have no life."

Me #2: "Oh yeah? So what are you doing on a computer on a Friday night, looking at internet porn?"

Me #1: "Well...."

Me #2: "See what I mean?"

Me #1: "But if I have no life that means YOU have no life as well."

Me #2: "........."

Me #1: "Ha ha! Gotcha!"

Me #2: "Shut up. And go shower, you shower-procrastinator."

I know what you're thinking, and yes, you're right. I have split personalities. But at least I'm not as crazy as
this guy who thinks he can summon UFO. That's right. HE *bleep* THINKS HE CAN SUMMON U.F.O. The local news station actually sent somebody there to check that out.

And what did they find?

Just an orange flying saucer appearing out of nowhere when that guy started chanting. That's all. No big deal. Just an ordinary orange flying saucer that you use for holding ordinary orange flying cup in your ordinary orange flying kitchen. No biggie.

Me #2: "Umm dude, orange flying saucer = UFO, you DUMBASS!"

Me #1: "Oh.. Err... But err... Hmm... Oh look! What's that?!"

Me #2: "What?"