Thursday, August 18, 2005

Summer vacation part 2.

- Eastcoasters use only 1-ply toilet papers, no matter how filthy rich they are. This has been confirmed at over 5 residences. Reason(s) behind this peculiar observation is/are still under investigation.

- Jersey shore is cool. Body surfing is so totally awesome. Being swept away by the waves is NOT cool. NOT cool at all.

King of Prussia Mall is ridiculously HUUUUUUUUUUGE. My legs still hurt from all the walking. My wallet still hurts from all the money spent. But I look so fucking hot in all the new outfits I bought, including a pair of yellow Corona Light boxers and matching flip flops.

- Wakeboarding and water skiing sucks. Well, it's more like I suck at them. Seriously. I suck at them soooooo bad, I'd have more of a chance at sucking a man with erectile dysfunction who forgot to take his Viagra to complete hard on than getting up on the water.

- Chase Utley is still so fucking hot.

- I haven't jerked off in 5 days. It's a record. My ball sack is so full of sperms it's going to explode any minute now.

- I had Wawa meatball sub on Sunday. I had Wawa meatball sub on Monday. I had Wawa meatball sub on Tuesday. I had Wawa meatball sub on Wednesday. I was going to have a Wawa meatball sub today but the fucking dog ate it after I passed out last night.

- Please excuse all the profanities. I'm still hung over.