Monday, September 05, 2005

Cartman is sick, so no Happy Labor Day wishes today.

I'm currently engulfed in The Great Shower Curtain Cold War Of 2005. My nemesis is my roommate, hereonafter will be known as Hairy Larrie. It's a cold war because we don't talk about it. I've lost tracked of how long this war has been going on, but I distinctively remember it all started when I installed the new shower curtain, perhaps a few months ago.

Ever since the new shower curtain has been put up, Hairy Larrie has a problem with it. I'm not exactly sure if he has problem with the curtain or the bath tub. But every single fucking time he goes into the bathroom, whether to take a piss, or trim his pubes, or drop the kids off at the pool, or sing (he only sings in the bathroom), he will pull the shower curtain shut, like this:

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Exhibit A.

And I hate it. I think I've seen Psycho one too many times, and not being able to see what's behind the curtain just bugs the hell out of me. I kept feeling like there's somebody behind it with a butcher knife waiting to stab the next guy taking a piss. I just DON'T like it. So I always push it open, like this:

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Exhibit B.

Now, isn't that much better? I mean, look how sunny it is! But no, Hairy Larrie doesn't think so. I'm considering taking the curtain down permanently. That way, The Great Cold War will come to an end, and I can 'accidentally' walk in on any one of my roommates taking showers. Killing two birds with one stone, now that's just brilliant!!

Or if you have a better solution, please let me know. I'm this close to enlisting our neighbors' help.

This camera I'm using is awesome. It makes all sorts of noise whenever you push a button. So I ended up playing with it a little longer and took a few more pictures.

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See how clean it is? No piss behind/around the toilet whatsoever. And there's 3 guys living here. I'm proud to say that all of us are good aimer. Obviously we are very in touch with our weapons. Maybe one day we should have a contest and see whose cum shot can hit the bulls eye. By bulls eye I mean my mouth.

Hahahaha... It's funny 'cause it'll never happen. Except in my fantasy. Hehehe...

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See this?
Let me hear you say, this shit is bananas
this shit is bananas
Again, this shit is bananas
This shit is bananas

I bet before this picture you didn't know that bananas are good friends with garlic and lime, did you?

Next I want to introduce you to my two best-est friends in the whole wide world.
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The 3 of us, we go way back. Way way back. Whenever the time is right, they'll magically appear out of nowhere and we'll all get high together. And baby, the times are always right. I don't think I can live without them. These guys, they are family. FAMILY. I'll kill for them.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. At least temporarily. I started spending a lot of time hanging out with my new best friend ever since school started.

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His name is Hookah. Hookah and I are bonding very quickly. He's a nice guy. He bubbles and tastes like cherry and orange. I love him. Although not as much as I love the other 2 guys, because nothing can replace them, I still love him very much. And I think he loves me too, because some nights, he magically appears right next to me on my bed. I mean, if that's not love then I don't know what is.

By the way, the preliminary results of my previous poll are in. It looks like style #3 is in the lead by a mile. But the poll is not over yet, so go vote for your favorite right now!