Sunday, June 12, 2005

Listen up, boys and girls.

Drinking is bad, boys and girls. I, for one, should not be allowed to drink at all.

Driving while drunk is very bad, boys and girls. I, for one, have only done it once. I will probably not do it again.

Calling your ex not-a-fuckbuddy-not-yet-a-boyfriend while drunk is very very bad, boys and girls. I, for one, have only done it every single time I get trashed. So far, it's either me melting down and cry because I started falling for that son of a bitch but he's still in love with his ex, or me getting all worked up inside and started yelling at him for no apparent reason. Last night, I brought up an incident that happened while King Tut was still alive. One time I was spending the night at his place. After having sex, he went to the bathroom (he always does that, and I always hated it). When he came back, he said he'll go to the living room and read. At that time, I was touched because I thought he was being so considerate and sweet as he didn't want his light to bother me. The next thing I know, I woke up with a start in the middle of the night, and I couldn't find him. I later found him on the couch, asleep. I proceed to wake him up to get him to bed to spoon, but he refused. He seemed kinda pissed that I woke him up, and I was PISSED that he didn't want to come back to bed. I was so pissed I fell right back to sleep as soon a I lied down. Yeah, I'm good like that.

Calling the guy who's probably in love with you, whom you absolutely do not and will never love back, just so you can get some loving and make yourself feel better after talking to your ex not-a-fuckbuddy-not-yet-a-boyfriend who kinda broke your heart a little bit is just downright WRONG, boys and girls. I, for one, should not have done it. I'm feeling like shit now. I'll probably get hit by a car pretty soon, and I'm definitely on my way to hell.

I'm so fucked up.